These custom wind chimes make a wonderful gift for any occasion. They are very thoughtful memorial pieces to give to someone who has lost a loved one either recently or in the past to just say "I am sorry for your loss" and give them a special keepsake. These are also great "friends" gifts just to say "you are special to me". There are endless messages you can send with the personalized thoughtful gift of wind chimes.

Sit back and listen to the beautiful sound of these wind chimes and reflect on who gave them and what they mean to you. The soothing sound is very comforting when you just want to be reminded someone cares.

These wind chimes are wooden at the top with aluminum tubes to give off the most pleasant music with the gentle breeze. The bottom is a wooden 3" round piece that is customized for any special message or picture. The total length is approx 22 inches long and can be placed either indoors or outside.

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