Sterling Silver Drill Pieces

If you order here your drill piece will be live on our next show. Please message the page and let me know what color pearl you would like so we can flow smoother during the show. 

If you just want your pearl drilled, set and mailed to you....message the page and let me know that you just want it drilled, sent and mailed without  being on the show. Also what color pearl you would like. 

These pieces all INCLUDE the pearls. You MUST message the color pearl you would like to the page.

NOTE: If you would like a ring that requires 2 pearls please message the page to make sure we have BOTH colors available AND that they are similar in size. There are more limits to the double pearl rings and I want to make sure you will be happy with your ring PRIOR to you ordering.

Note: These pearls are all freshwater cultured pearls that are dyed beautiful colors. The dye on the pearl may fade in time. This could be sooner or it could be later. This could be accelerated if your pearl is exposed to chemicals, perfumes, lotions, or the sun. Pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. 


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