These gems are genuine natural stones. Understand although these are genuine stones some may not be the quality you would find if you paid hundreds of dollars at a fine jeweler. These stones may have more inclusions but to the naked eye they are beautiful. We strive to provide an entertaining way for everyone to afford these beautiful gems.

We are proud to present the FIRST of its kind "GEMSTONE CAGE" that we designed and had produced specifically for swapping out cabochons.

Custom gemstone "cabochon rings" are available in 2 adjustable sizes. 6-8 and 9-11. Sized rings will be produced in the near future. 

Here is a way for everyone to be able to afford beautiful gemstones. These stones can be placed in lockets, some can be set in jewelry or just become beautiful additons to your gem collection.


NOTE: We have searched countries around the world to find the best gemstones in an affordable price range that we could offer to our customers. We took samples  and had them tested by a gemologist to verify they were genuine stones because we know that many vendors pass off man made products as natural stones. We only purchase from very specific vendors that have passed our "authenticity" test. Others will most likely be offering gemstones in the near future but I hope our trusted reputation for honesty will continue to be respected and trusted. While some will be passing off man made products as genuine, we will stand by our products knowing we took the time, effort and expense to bring you genuine products at a price that is affordable.


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