Cherry Almond  Whipped Soap
Cherry Almond  Whipped Soap
Cherry Almond  Whipped Soap

Cherry Almond Whipped Soap

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Cherry Almond is an amazing combination of two classic scents that come together exquisitely for that complete scent satisfaction. You cannot go wrong with this scent. My number one best seller by far. Grab yourself a jar! These sell out fast!

These home made whipped soaps are made with all natural essential oils for a clean soft feeling. They are fluffy yet have enough consistency to not just melt away when using.
I love scents and fun scents are my favorites! You can never go wrong giving the gift of luxury at an affordable price.

To use: apply to a loofa sponge or washcloth in the shower, scoop a small amount on your hands to lather in the sink with water, use instead of shaving cream to leave your legs soft feeling.

These soaps have a fantastic strong scent to leave you smelling wonderful while also containing oils to leave you feeling soft.

Ingredients: water, glycerin, sorbitol, sodium cochlear isethionate, disodium Laurel sulfosuccinate, salt, phenoxyethanoltetrasodium EDTA, fragrance oils, olive oil, coloring

Allergy alert: may contain nuts or nut oils

For external use only