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THIS IS A HIGH RISK GAME... READ ALL RULES BEFORE PURCHASING. Here you will pay $25 for a spot in the lineup. Each player is guaranteed 1 Island Clout product (either a whipped soap or whipped sugar scrub). 1 and ONLY 1 person will win the "jackpot" at the end. Each person will have a number in the "hat". I will pull numbers out one by one and if your number is pulled you will be eliminated. The LAST number left will be the winner. The winner will receive an Amazon gift card. The amount of the gift card will depend on how many players are in the game. The gift card will be equal to $10 per spots in the game. In other words if there are 20 people playing the gift card will be for $200 but if there are 30 people playing the card will be worth $300. We will take a maximum of 30 people per game. You pick your number when you order and that number will be placed in the hat. If all 30 numbers are not purchased we will only put the numbers that were purchased in the hat.

The Jackpot winner will receive an amazon gift card via email immediately after the party and forfeit the soap or sugar scrub

Every person playing will receive 1 Island Clout product per entry.

There is a shipping fee because we are shipping you a product but you can purchase multiple spots and only pay once but if you place two orders you can use the discount code ADD to receive reduced shipping on the second order ($4 off). This is because it creates more work and time for me as well as heavier shipping for the extra product. Therefore it is a small shipping charge for the second order. It is your responsibility to put the discount code in when checking out or you will be paying full shipping for each order.