Firework Balls

Firework Balls

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These are special Red White and Blue balls for the 4th or July party. There will be at least $50 worth or products in each ball. There will Be NO games in the balls, just products. You could win any of the items below or a combination of products.


Bath and Body Works product

Beauty Products

Sterling Silver

Amazon Firestick

Coach Purse

Coach Wallet/Wristlet and Umbrella

Amazon Fire tablet

Beach Towel with Polarized sunglasses

Other items not mentioned

You will have no idea what will be in your "Firework" ball and there is absolutely NO Swapping of items won. This is a game of chance and risk even though everyone will receive some products you cannot be guaranteed what you will win. If you are not willing to take that risk, DO NOT PURCHASE.

This should be a fun night with some surprises as well :)