Mother’s Day Party #2

Mother’s Day Party #2

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Party will be on Sunday May 13th starting at 6 pm eastern time
1. Everyone will get a pearl pop with 1 loose pearl (just a few will have 2)
2. Everyone will get a plated standard cage of their choice but they must have the cage # ready when it is their turn and a back up or two in case we are out of stock. If you don’t have a cage pick at that time, a random one will be given.
3. Everyone will have a necklace in their ball and there is no swapping them out. (It would take too long to sit and wait for choices plus I will use the sizes I have in stock)
4. Everyone will get an extra.
5. There will be
2 Echo Dots
hair clips (my favorites)

“bags” most likely consisting of a bracelet (pearl or stone or something else)
10 pearl oysters (same ones that I had in that sale last week that went for $40 each)
2 monster oysters (not opened during the party but rather the Monday during a short live just for this purpose

I do not have the exact numbers of how many of each “extra” figured out other than 2 echo dots and 2 monster oysters. The rest will be either a hair clip, a 10 pearl oyster, a bag with a bracelet in it or leggings.

There will be 100 balls available for this party. Being as this will be party number 2, I do not know if we will sell out. If we DO NOT sell out we will still have the 100 balls and there is a chance no one will get the balls with echo dots or monster oysters. You will have the same odds either way. 

6. If you are not present when your name is called, you will be moved down the list until you arrive. If you are not there at all, we will move you to the end and we WILL open you even if you are not there.
7. If you think you will not be satisfied with winning ANY of these prizes.....PLEASE DO NOT ORDER!

There will be 100 balls available for purchase. Only order if you are sure you want to participate. It is not fair to me or the others if someone orders and then changes their mind.
Look at the list of possible prizes and assume you will win the one you least likely would prefer. If that will not make you happy, then this isn’t the something you should participate in.
I realize all of these rules or decisions will not appeal to everyone. If you do not like them, please do not participate. No one is forced to participate. But if you DO participate, please don’t complain about the decisions I have made.

IMPORTANT: If you live in Canada, ONLY participate if you are willing to pay any extra shipping charges that may apply due to the weight of your package. For example, if you win an echo dot, shipping will be more because it weighs more than the average pearl package. If this is the case I will bill you the extra shipping. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not purchase. 

GOOD LUCK and let’s have a great Mother’s Day event!!!