BALLS To The Wall (3 PACK FOR $30)

BALLS To The Wall (3 PACK FOR $30)

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Here there will be $10 balls and each ball will contain a prize. It could be an Island Clout product (whipped soap, bath bomb, lotion, hand sanitizer, whipped sugar polish etc.) a stone, a bracelet, phone holder, tablet stand, pop it sensory toy or many other options. There will be 2 tumblers in the ball pit.

Order as many balls as you would like but put them in one order to avoid paying extra shipping on a second order. 

There will be NO SWAPPING of prizes. You get what you get. 

Each person participating will all receive 1 ticket into the end of night drawing where I will be pulling names for one person to win a sublimation beautiful glass prism (you will get to customize it) and one person will win a Minky.  1 ticker per person.