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This will contain:

1. The new custom design Butterfly cabochon sterling silver cage pendant.

2. The new custom design simple Sphere sterling silver pendant for swapping out your spheres

3. Two cabochons (randomly picked)

4. Four new spheres (randomly picked)


6. A snake chain random size

7. A wire wrap bracelet (random pick)

PLUS 6 people will find a "Snail" in their box and be entered into a game of "TURBO" at the end of the party for a chance to win extra prizes (1 being an insulated bag with an oversized beach towel)

ALSO.... EVERYONE will be entered into a drawing where when we have reached 54 people we will pick some winners to win the GOLDEN EGG full of at least $100 worth of prizes and there will be discount codes for 4 more winners.

approx value of these boxes is $150